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Programme: Health Matta With Sabi-Sabi.
Topic:Kidney faliure, causes,sign and risk factors

Programme:Anyanwu Ututu With Obike (Ichoku Ndi Igbo) And Miracle (Ikenga)
Topic:What Could Lead A Woman To Pour Hot Groundnut Oil On The Husband

Programme:Okwu Akpunonu With Joshua Dabby Jaja (JDJ)
Topic: The Issue Of The 160million Naira Car To Be Given To 360 Members Of National Assembly Each

Programme: Political-Mirror With Frank.
Topic: Nigeria's Teaching Gaps.
Guest: Postulant Frank Okafor (Director, Phrankstars School Amawbia) and Ifeanyi Okadigbo (Civil Right Activist).

Programme: Value For Money With Sabi-Sabi.
Topic: Summary Analysis Of 2020 And 2021 Audit Reports Of Anambra State Government.

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